Are people who go on social media more often likely to lie about their age?

This data shows how the more someone uses the internet on a certain basis, it makes them change thier age. More people lie about thier age when they go on more often than other users, majority of the users that go on about 1-2 a week do not lie about their age, while people that go on daily do.

This data sheet shows that the more users that use any form of social media are more likely to lie about their age. Here you can see that people use social media daily lie much more than a user who goes on once a day. The data also shows that if you go on social media 1-2 a week or less you are less likely to lie about your age.

As a result of the currently seen data, you can see that the more often you use social media you are then more likely to lie about your age, this is most likely a result of a user trying to fit in with whatever crowd or trying to act much more mature. As for the less frequent users, they are less likely to lie about their age due to being less active on social media in turn not causing them to go to communicate and make people think they are a certain age.